Scylla LiteFree WordPress Theme

Scylla Lite is a wordpress 3 theme with awesome skins, fonts, slider, layouts & easy to use theme option panel.
  • 4 Skins
  • 1 slider
  • 2 Layouts
  • 2 Patterns.
  • 3 custom widgets.
  • 5 easy to use shortcodes.(Hard-coded in Post Editor)
  • 2 WordPress 3.0 Menu Position.
  • Mult-Level Dropdown Menu.
  • Social buttons to submit posts to Facebook, Twitter,
  • Stumble upon, Digg, Google Buzz!
  • 3 Awesome fonts.
  • Easy to use theme options.
  • Gravatar Support.
  • 3 custom page template
  • Fancy lightbox
  • IE6 Browser Upgrade Alert!
  • Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • Threaded comments support.
  • Valid XHTML/CSS3.
  • Well-written documentation
  • One Click Install. No plugin required.


  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

version 1.8.2
+ Initial Release

1. what should be the dimension of the slider images?

A: width: 625px Height: 250px


2. I can’t make link to other website, and when I make link to an other page of my website, it opens in lightbox windows.

A: Open up fancybox.js and find this line:


and replace it with:

jQuery(“.hasimg[href$=’.jpg’], .hasimg[href$=’.png’], .hasimg[href$=’.gif’]“).fancybox({

You can edit the file with your ftp application or “Wp-File Manger” Plugin.
3. How can I make a catergory section look the same as my home page?

A: Download this file:

Extract the category.php file inside it and upload the php file to the “ScyllaLite” directory of your site using FTP.


4. The images inside the lightbox is being stretched when viewed by Safari Browser, How do I fix this?

A: Add this line to the very bottom of your stylesheet(style.css):

#fancybox-img {height:auto!important;}


5. My Quote shortcode is not working. How do I fix it?

A: The quote shortcode has a bug, to fix it find this in your stylesheet:


and replace it with:

6. I want to use the ‘Featured Posts Widget’ in the sidebar, but despite selecting a category, it keeps outputting the loop of all posts.

A: You will have to put your category id, not name.


The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

Scylla Lite Scylla PRO
For Life
One time payment
Skins 4 Unlimited
(Ability to change the color of almost all the elements)
Fonts 3 12
Layouts 2 5
Slider 1 2
Shortcodes 5 20
Widgets 3 8
Widget Areas Sidebar Widgets Sidebar Widgets/ Footer Widgets
Menu 2 Menu Positions/ 3 Level Drop-down Menu 2 Menu Positions/ 3 Level Drop-down Menu
Page Templates 3 3
Upload LOGO



Social Share buttons/Numbered Page Navigation



Related Posts



Google Analytics



Threaded comments/Separated Comments & Trackbacks



IE6/ IE7 Browser Upgrade Alert!



Fancy lightbox



Full Email support



Forum support



Upgrade to PRO

  • How to change the order to the slides?

  • Hello: I am using the blogsite for an e-commerce site and want to have a full image show on my home page post teasers rather than a section of it. Is this possible?

    I also need to limit home page posts but have 10 as the limit with 10 stickies and still am getting posts added to home page, sometimes up to 18. How do I keep this from happening? Thanks for your help. Bonnie

    • 1. Add this to the very bottom of your stylesheet:
      #lay1 .post{height:360px!important;}
      #lay1 .imgwrap{height:220px!important;}
      #lay1 .imgwrap img{width:286px; height:auto;}

      2. Why are making those posts sticky? just un-sticky them and only the latest 10 posts will be displayed…

    • I have the home page stickies so the main products will always be there. Otherwise I have to continually re-post to keep them on the front but I will try this. Thanks

    • One more question, please. My sliders are showing blank pages and I have only 2 posts. How do I delete these blank sheets? Thank you.

    • Figured out the slider so nevermind on that. Thanks so much for your help.

  • I would like to change the background to plain white. How do I go about doing that? Also, I wanted to put to RSS feeds up but it won’t allow me to post 2 at the same time. do you have the code for the RSS feed widget so I can put it into sidebar.php?

    • Add this to your stylesheet:


      what do you mean by it wont allow you? are you getting any kind of error… there shouldn’t be any problem..

  • How do I add a logo?

    • you cannot do that in the lite version… you will have to get the PRO version for that…

  • I fixed the background. It worked! Thanks for the help.

    Regarding the RSS feed, there is no error that shows up, but when I place my 2nd RSS feed under the 1st in the sidebar, only the first RSS feed shows up.

  • Dear Towfiq, first of all, thanks for the wonderful WP theme! I really like it and it’s beautiful.

    One question: why is there a grey bar in the middle of my sliders? (my site:

    Hope you can solve the mystery 🙂

    Again, thanks in advance.

    • Go to Appearance> Editor and select “stylesheet” from right and add this line to the very bottom:


  • copy pasted slider-content{display:none;} in the style.css but it does not work. any idea? thanks 🙂

    • ah! i forgot the .
      problem solved. thanks!

  • Hi there,

    I’d like to display the featured image on a post instead of pulling the image from within the post. How would I achieve this?

    (Trying to add plugin to automatically assign each post with a featured image according to what category the post is in).

  • how do I put a picture in the header?

    • tabatha Only possible in the PRO version.

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