Zetes Free Joomla Template

Zetes is a Free Joomla 1.5 business Template with cu3er Slideshow, 10 module positions with 5 color skins.
  • Completely Free Joomla Template with GNU GPL v2.0 License.
  • 5 mind-blowing color skins
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • Customized for cu3er Slideshow
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • 10 Module Positions



  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

Module Positions:

  • topmenu
  • slideshow(only for Frontpage)
  • left(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • breadcrumb(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • user1(only for Frontpage)
  • user2(only for Frontpage)
  • user3(only for Frontpage)
  • user4
  • user5
  • user6

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • I noticed that it only happens with the sub menus..

    • I thought you were talking about the top menu. To solve this , Open your style.css and add this line at the very bottom:

      #left .moduletable ul li ul li, #left .moduletable_menu ul li ul li{background:none;width: 160px;}

  • Thanks admin!! Template working great! Thanks a lot for all your help! :D!

  • Another question about dropdown menu. I’m using the latest version of the template, and I have 2 menu items – each with 3 submenus (dropdown). Unfortunately, the first parent item shows all 6 submenus, instead of only 3 that I’ve assigned to it. Would you please provide any help?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Admin!

    Me again!.. but this time is to report something that I think should not happen…

    In Safari, version 5.05, when you click on home on the top menu, users 5 and 6 move to user 4.. take a look… I tried the same thing on your demo and same thing happens… only in Safari… Chrome and Firefox are ok…

    Do you happen to have any fix for this?


    • Please please reply back! I just need to know! Thanks!

  • Big Problem with JavaScript Frameworks and JomSocial :-/ Is there maybe a solution?

    • Do you have a live site that I can look into?

    • See…http://www.magnetvoltaik.de/

      Jomsocial cant work correctly (Ajax: cant make Friends, cant sent Messages…) and collides with the Java-Script-Framework of your Zetes template. I Tested youre Stheno as well and this works correctly with Jomsocial. But i really want to use Zetes instead :-/ Do you think you can do something? I hope so.. i like youre work very much. But without a complete function i cant donate, because i cant use it…

    • Remove this line from index.php:


    • I did… now i dont have the mainmenu working on the subpages (only on startpage) and the boxes on subpages are lost.

      Jomsocial dont work. I saw that the Jquery-Framework from Jomsocial is only embeded von der startpage, but not on the Subpages. What the hell? What to do?


  • Can you disable the Jquery-Framework from Jomsocial and put the deleted line back where it was and see if that works?

  • hi
    how i can set text of Description box?
    where is it?
    please help

  • Thank you for a great work!

  • nice but this tamplate is not working on joomla 1.5

  • Hi,

    Downloaded and installed, works ok. However, I am having some problems with presenting my own pictures. In the setup for mod_vinaora_cu3er, when I choose Custom Config: demo1.xml.php, the red banner shows in all its glory. When I choose none, and set Slide/Image Settings to “food” which is one of the default installed image folders, save it and do a reload, no pictures are shown. Only the yellow background. Why is that?