Zetes Free Joomla Template

Zetes is a Free Joomla 1.5 business Template with cu3er Slideshow, 10 module positions with 5 color skins.
  • Completely Free Joomla Template with GNU GPL v2.0 License.
  • 5 mind-blowing color skins
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • Customized for cu3er Slideshow
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • 10 Module Positions



  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

Module Positions:

  • topmenu
  • slideshow(only for Frontpage)
  • left(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • breadcrumb(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • user1(only for Frontpage)
  • user2(only for Frontpage)
  • user3(only for Frontpage)
  • user4
  • user5
  • user6

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • is there a way to control how many chars are shown in the intro text of the slider? In your example it is: “This Web site is powered by Jo…” in the STHENO template.
    Is it possible to have it bigger?

    • The limit is 160 characters.

  • I like this but I don’t see the Home page correctly in Google Chrome, how is it possible?

  • I really like your template as it is simple to edit especially for joomla apprentice like me. BTW I have only ONE problem. How do I edit the font size and spacing at the left menu as it is too small and also the spacing is too tight. I I already tried to change some components of moduletable at CSS but doesn’t work…pls advise..thanks

    • Try adding these to your css:

      For spacing:

      #left .moduletable ul li, #left .moduletable_menu ul li {line-height:22px;}

      For font-size:

      #left .module_bg {font-size:14px;}

  • just wondering how can we edit the cellpadding…at the left menu cos it is close to one another..thanks

  • towfia…thanks for the tip ..solve the problem..good on you mate…

  • Thanks……Bosanska Krupa…… BiH

  • it doesn’t show the user1 user2 user3 background image

  • In cu3er slideshow settings I have SLIDE_PANEL_WIDTH=900px and SLIDE_PANEL_HEIGHT=320px. Image is this same size, but it does not work. Resolution of image change every slide. What should I do ? Answer me pls, I do everything…

  • Absolutely amazing! I can’t tell you how long I looked for a template just like yours until I found it. And I’m amazed at how you go through and answer questions for everyone regarding the template. Awesome job! Truly!

    I do, unfortunately, have a question. Is there a way to make the inside pages text area larger? So that it spans the page from left to right?


    Many thanks!

    • Add these lines to the bottom of your style.css file :

      #main_content{width: 960px!important;background:#F2F2F2;}
      .content{background:none!important;width: 920px!important;}

    • absolutely amazing!!! Thank you!!!

  • I’ve followed your install instructions exactly, but still cannot get my drop down menu to show. Any other things I should look for? My main menu is displaying, but the drop downs are not.