Zetes Free Joomla Template

Zetes is a Free Joomla 1.5 business Template with cu3er Slideshow, 10 module positions with 5 color skins.
  • Completely Free Joomla Template with GNU GPL v2.0 License.
  • 5 mind-blowing color skins
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • Customized for cu3er Slideshow
  • Multi level Dropdown Menu.
  • 10 Module Positions



  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

Module Positions:

  • topmenu
  • slideshow(only for Frontpage)
  • left(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • breadcrumb(not displayed on Frontpage)
  • user1(only for Frontpage)
  • user2(only for Frontpage)
  • user3(only for Frontpage)
  • user4
  • user5
  • user6

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • Good morning!
    When i use the Glossy Accordion Menu, dropdown menu in top menu is disappear. Can you help?

  • Hi, great work with this template….congrats! Buuuutt, I found a problem, help me please with this…When I am in the main page (where the position of USER 1,2,3 are activated) the search button doesnt work, only work when I go to the secon page (where LEFT position is on)..what can I do?Thanks a lot Towfiq I.

  • How to add a Graphic logo ?

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with cu3er 1.2.1 in your zetes template. In firefox 5.0 it doesn’t work well.
    Could you help me?
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    There is some conflict in other.js and aicontactsafe form. Is there any fix of this issue??

  • Hi! In left menu Not correctly works,

    #left .module_bg{ background:url(images/modules_mid.png) repeat-y; padding:10px;}
    #left .module_bottom{width:245px; height:14px; background:url(images/modules_bottom.png) no-repeat; margin-bottom:20px;}

    Aren’t visible

    help please