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    Robert Barber


    Hi there!

    All information here is really useful Towfqi. Thanks also to Kpasapp for the tip about “sp” and “es”. I’m really happy with my pro version, really recommendable to you all.

    I found some limitations to edit the Call to action with the do_shortcode thing. I only get to make it work in the button but not in the editable text.

    Please Towfqui can you add some light on this? Thank you again.

    <?php global $asteria;?>
    <?php $callaction = $asteria['home_sort_id']; if(!empty($callaction['call-to-action'])){ ?>
    <!--Call to Action START-->
        <div class="center">
        <div class="home_action">
        <div class="home_action_left"><?php echo $asteria['call_textarea_id']; ?></div>
        <div class="home_action_right"><div class="home_action_button_wrap"><div class="home_action_button"><a <?php if (!empty ($asteria['call_url_id'])) { ?>href="<?php echo do_shortcode($asteria['call_url_id']); ?>"<?php } ?>><?php echo do_shortcode($asteria['call_text_id']); ?></a></div></div></div>
        <!--Call to Action END-->
    <?php } ?>

    Robert Barber


    Hello. I have the same doubt. I need to change the color of the text and the shadow behind. Three layouts on the slider are white, so if we use a white image we cannot make them visible.

    I asume it’s possible to edit it from anywhere, but… Where?

    In next updates would be great if color editing is always close of the “thing” we are editing. The tab for “editing colors” is not really useful if you are editing a precise area.

    Thank you in advance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)