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Change slide text colour (Asteria Pro)

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    I recently bought Asteria Pro, and doing tests with the slide, all text appear in white.

    This is a problem if the slide photos are in white background because is impossible to read the text.

    There is any option to configure this slide text colour?

    In the 3d slide photo of the demo, appears a second text line with a clear gray background with a fine green bar. Is this part configurable?

    Best regards,


    Towfiq I.


    yes you can change the slider text type while editing or creating the slides. just select either layout1, layout2 or layout3 option in each slide. in your case you should select layout1.


    Robert Barber


    Hello. I have the same doubt. I need to change the color of the text and the shadow behind. Three layouts on the slider are white, so if we use a white image we cannot make them visible.

    I asume it’s possible to edit it from anywhere, but… Where?

    In next updates would be great if color editing is always close of the “thing” we are editing. The tab for “editing colors” is not really useful if you are editing a precise area.

    Thank you in advance.




    Hi There,

    I too would like to know how to change the color of the slider text! Also I would like to change the background color of the slider text (but not the background color of the rest of the page)




    Towfiq I.


    @robertbarber Noted!! thanks for the excellent Feedback!

    whats your site address?




    Could u please tell me how to change text color on slider, on layout two or three?
    Pro version..



    Towfiq I.


    Add this to your Custom CSS:

    .nivo-caption .sld_layout2{color:#333!important;}
    .nivo-caption .sld_layout2 h3 a{color:#333!important;}
    .nivo-caption .sld_layout3{color:#333!important;}
    .nivo-caption .sld_layout3 h3 a{color:#333!important;}

    Gianfranco De Luca


    and how i can change their Fonts?


    Towfiq I.


    what font do you want them to change to?


    Gianfranco De Luca


    Slide text for each layout, and also text background color .


    Gianfranco De Luca


    background color with trasparency, same description.


    Gianfranco De Luca


    like slide text description

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