TypografiaFree WordPress Theme

Typografia is a WordPress theme with 5 elegant skins and Live twitter Update inside “About Me” Panel.
  • Fantabulous Typographic Theme
  • 5 unique skins
  • “About me” Block
  • Live Twitter Feed
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Valid XHTML/CSS3
  • No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme.
  • WordPress 3.0 Menu
  • One Click Install. No plugin required.
  • Easy to use theme options.
  • Gravatar Support.


  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

Q. The Twitter feed on the sidebar is not loading anymore. How do I fix this?

A: Open up sidebar.php from Appearance> Editor and replace this line:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/<?php echo $typ_twitter; ?>.json?callback=twitterCallback2&amp;count=1″>
with this:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/<?php echo $typ_twitter; ?>.json?count=1&include_rts=1&callback=?”>

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • Howdy,

    Love your Typografia theme, but it’s due for an update: Twitter has modified it’s API’s so the latest-tweet functionality doesn’t seem to work anymore. Here is the new docs https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/statuses/user_timeline

    Modifying the appropriate line in sidebar.php to reflect the new URL:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=&callback=twitterC

    fixes the issue. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • Hello Towfiq i,

    First of all, great theme!
    I was wondering, is it possible to remove the ‘asterisk’ from the sidebar ? Keep op the nice work, grtz Richard

    • remove this from your stylesheet:


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