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Very slow website, each page freezes for several seconds

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    I have noticed that my website has become very slow the past weeks. When I enter the first page, it freezes almost 10 seconds before uploading all content, and even thereafter it is slow. And each new page I enter is behaving the same.
    Interestingly, I have entered other webistes using Theron Lite and it seems to be very similar, meaning it freezes.
    I doubt its my computer only,, so I wanted to check with you and anyone else using Theron Lite if this is something you recognize and if there is something I can do?
    You could check yourself if you want to:

    Best Regards


    Towfiq I.


    yes your page is pretty slow… and your page size is very large 6 megabytes which is odd. try disabling all the plugins and then observe the speed:

    and the demo website that uses the same theme without any caching plugin:



    Hi Towfiq
    thanks for your input. I disabled all plugins, including the cache plugin,,, and yet it behaves the same. Can you test again?
    Again, the strange thing is that whatever Theron Lite webpage I go into, even though I have a new computer this week, the page just freezes some seconds as it tries to load the first page…. so for me its not only behaving this way with my website, but also with other examples of websites which use this theme.

    Do you get the same response when you enter my webiste?

    Regarding the 6 mb size, what do you think this is related to? What is the average size a website would normally be? I don’t have much content just some pictures here and there…


    Towfiq I.


    its this image. the size of this image is 5.5mb:

    resize the image and make it 1000px x 400px and make sure the size is around 300-400kb



    Again thanks for your input. I went through the media library and all pics were indeed over 5 mb… i cut all of them to 1000 x666 (1000 x 400 was not possible, it automatically put it to 666 when I entered 1000).
    And consequently the size of the images changed from 5-8 mb to 100-200 kb…
    Now with all this, I expected all pages to work faster. Strangely, the same type of behavior still exists. Meaning when I enter the first page, it freezes some seconds. And same thing when I enter some other pages which contain pictures.

    Can you also please check this page for instance:
    I checked this page in detail and clicked on one of the images to see properties and saw that the file is still very large,, so apparently the change in the media library is not applied to the existing pages, could that be the case?

    On the other hand, this page has a couple of vedeos as well. Perhaps I should use a youtube format instead to embedd these videos? Is that better for performance and for accessibility from all types of devices?

    Thanks for the support Towfiq


    Towfiq I.


    this image is taking 30+ secs to load. To see which elements taking how much time to load you should use Chrome Browser.

    load your site with chrome and click right mouse button and select “Inspect Elements” and then click the “Network” tab. Now refresh the page and you will notice the elemnts load time.



    Actually, it seems the whole thing opened much better with Chrome.. there is no freeze at all…
    perhaps its internet explorer which is not suitable for my website,,, although initially I did not have these issues when I started the site.

    Anyway, I also followed ur instructions regarding the network inspecting elements and nothing seemed to load for 30 seconds,,rather 30 ms..

    A general question, is it better to use Youtube feature plugin rather than to use the standard video format in the pages?


    Towfiq I.


    nope its much faster to call your own hosted video and you are right.. the site is not slow anymore. its taking around 4.3 seconds now, which is ideal:

    you can make it even faster by using w3 total cache plugin..



    Well that link you sent still shows a D grade, so sort of slow performance it seems,,nvertheless with Chrome the page is very fast,,so im fine for now 🙂

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