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Slider on Home Page

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    I have the pro version (paid) but I can’t log in even when I get a new password. I have contacted you on facebook as well. As I have a paid version I would like to get the following fixed:

    Appearance > Asteria Options > Slider

    When adding a new slide by clicking on the “+” and adding an image and then the coding (html description) and using layout one and click save changes — the new image shows on the website BUT is not showing up within the wordpress admin of Appearance > Asteria Options > Slider

    so if I go here to rearrange I can’t as the #6 image (possibly more in the future)is not listed & if I go back here in the future to edit or add additional images, I will have to redo the work.


    Towfiq I.


    Just replied on the other thread.


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