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New element appearing…

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    Hi Towfiq,
    I’m using your great Epione theme since almost 4 years now !… and i’m so glad with it.
    Recently, I’ve seen a new text element appearing next to research boxes on the right lateral bar, as you can see on my blog >
    For example, the word “Thèmes” appears just next to the thèmes research box.
    Do you know what I must do to make it disappear ?
    Thanks in advance,


    Towfiq I.



    Sounds like it was hacked. Try this plugin to find out where in the template file the website address was added and remove it.


    And try changing the theme, I haven’t updated it for 4 years, it’s outdated and vulnerable.




    Thks for your quick answer.
    The antivirus didn’t detect any malware… (
    I know your theme is really outdated, but I like it so much and didn’t find anything close to its design and functionality 😉


    Chandler Bing

    Thanks all for sharing these Information.
    All You Need

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