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Image problem after the update

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    Today I updated the theme. But after that, my images disappeared. Please check it;

    Click to “Referanslar” from the upper right side and check them please. When you click one of them (all of them are galleries), it doesn’t open the big image area, it only shows the small icons. When you refresh the page, you can see it. After refreshing, it is okay for the big image. It comes. But this time, if you click to small icons (from the end of the images, not first images), you will see that images are empty for the big image too.

    So, problem is “loading” status. Images’ sizes aren’t high (400-500 kb) and site worked fine for the last week (before today’s update). What is your advice?

    P.S: I deleted images for 2 pages and I updated it again. Problem still continues


    Towfiq I.


    Its a bug. will be fixed in the next version. You can fix it by following this steps:

    Replace all the code of your asteria/js/gallery.js with the code you find here:

    if you cannot access the js/gallery.js file, install this plugin:

    and go to Appearance> SC theme Editor and click the “js” from right and select gallery.js file.





    Thank you for your fast response. In the morning, I gave 5 stars at wordpress for you and I see it again with that thread; that’s a right decision.

    Now, the big image comes instantly. It is okay and the biggest problem is solved. But the last mini images have problem (first, they doesn’t load instantly and in 5-6 seconds they finish the loading phase). After loading of all mini images, I click to last ones and big image can’t load that ones. Do you have any advice for that?



    And gallery always shows loading icon at the left side of the image (while there isn’t a problem at the image) when I use internet explorer (not by firefox)


    Towfiq I.


    I just loaded one of your gallery and its working fine. press ctrl+f5 couple of time to see if that changes anything.




    It didn’t work. Here is the info (I think it can help you about that bug);

    * Slider (on the homepage) can be (may be) a bit slow it that version (I think so). Because at the previous version, it cames with page (instantly) but now, it waits 1-2 seconds. I can see only blocks firstly.

    * About the image bug;

    By your last script, which is shared on previous messages by you, works for the big image. But the small ones have same problem. I will show it phase by phase. It can help you;


    big image comes in 0,5-1 second (normally I think it was faster and it comes instantly? But may be I’m wrong);


    The big image is ready but mini images’ load is slow (previous version, it wasn’t so. I’m sure about that). They come in 2-4 seconds.


    Mini images are okay. I clicked first images and they are okay. But when I’m aprroaching to the middle of the images (this is the last one, which is normal);

    and the next image;

    It doesn’t come. I waited too much (minutes) but it is same. I refresh page after a while but it is still same.

    That browser is firefox (the latest version). I deleted cookies and tried again a few times for being sure.


    I checked it by internet explorer too for analyzing the problem and it stopped at the same image;

    the next image;

    But there is a different problem on internet explorer. You can see the red area on that image (I draw the red area of course). The loading icon doesn’t go to anywhere and it is always on the left side. May be it is same for firefox but it is at the middle, so we can’t see it. But IE has problem.

    If you want to check the same area of the web site, it is on the “referanslar” section and the sub section is the first one: Tepe Nautilus AVM

    I’m waiting your comment and if there is, a solution. Thanks. I hope, I could help you about the problem



    If there isn’t a fast solution, can you give the script of the previous version’s gallery? (If it is the solution. May be you changed the theme’s properties and the problem is that. I don’t know. But if you say “it will work with the previous version’s gallery or theme”, can you share it? It is the company’s web site. So, we have a big problem.





    Do you have any advice or news?


    Towfiq I.


    I am making some tests. hold on.



    Okay. I hope, it will be fast. Thanks.


    Towfiq I.


    okay. try replacing the gallery.js code with this:

    and then add this to your Custom CSS:

    body .ast_gall_prev, body .ast_gall_next{color:#fff!important;}

    Let me know.



    Thanks. It works 😉

    Best regards,


    Towfiq I.


    Please rate the theme:




    What do you think about nivo’s situation? Slider, which is on the homepage, comes a bit late if we compare it to the previous version. I think so? Is it same?



    Of course. I rated it 2 days ago (before seeing that problem) and after that, I wrote to here;

    “Thank you for your fast response. In the morning, I gave 5 stars at wordpress for you and I see it again with that thread; that’s a right decision.”

    I think same thing. You are really good…


    Towfiq I.


    The nivo slider will stay this way, becuase if it appears before loading the full page, the first slide’s text stays hidden.

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