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Homepage/ text range issue

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    Ed B

    I have something I’ve never solved with Asteria Lite – and sometimes I remove the theme just because of this.

    The slider text – on the first time the site loads always sits over the whole page centred (instead of ranged right) and looks messy.
    As soon as I click around this problem disappears – and the next time I click the first slide dot (OOOO) it’s fine and text is ranged right. I attach link below for you to see.

    text homepage load issue


    Towfiq I.



    Please remove these lines from your Appearance > Editor > style.css :

    .sld3wrap{ width:75%!important; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; left:15%!important; bottom: 20%; text-align:center;}
    .sld3wrap h3{ margin:20px 0;}
    .sld3wrap h3 a{ float:none;}
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