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Change the Menu Background color

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    I can’t seem to find how to change the background color of the top header. I found what I think is the code in Editor but it doesn’t make sense.
    The code is:
    #menu_wrap{width:1000px; float:let; background:#fffff url(images/menu_wrap.png) repeat;}
    .menu-header{margin:auto; padding:0; display:block;}
    #topmenu ul{ margin:0; padding:0; border-bottom:5px solid #6d3b23; margin-bottom:0pt;}
    #topmenu ul li{list-style-type:none; display:inline-block; position:relative; margin-top:0px;padding:15px 15px;}
    #topmenu li a{ font-size:18px; color:#fffff;}
    #topmenu ul > li:hover{background:#6d3b23;}
    body .header4 #menu_wrap{border-bottom:1px solid #6d3b23;}

    But our menu is Black. i would like it to be White with Font Black, Font on hover to be the brown color.
    Can you explain?


    Towfiq I.



    Just replied to your Email.

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