Theron PROPremium WordPress Theme

Theron PRO is a fully responsive all in one wordpress theme with ability to change theme elements color, 15 fonts, 3 slider, 4 layouts & easy to use theme option panel. The Theme also includes 8 built-in widgets and 20 useful shortcodes. The theme is SEO Friendly and has plenty of user-friendly options. The theme also comes with a Full-width page, Left Sidebar Page, Home page template and a Contact page Template which doesn't require any setup. Theron PRO is suitable for any business or personal website.
  • Unlimited Skins- Ability to change the color of any elements
  • 15 Awesome fonts.
  • Ability to load fonts.
  • 3 sliders
  • 5 Layouts
  • 8 custom widgets:
  • 1-Flickr Photos
  • 2-Popular Posts
  • 3-Featured Posts
  • 4-Random Posts
  • 5-Twitter Feeds
  • 6-160×600 Skyscrapper Ad
  • 7-250 x 250 AD
  • 8-125 x125 ADs
  • 20 easy to use shortcodes.(Hard-coded in Post Editor)
  • WordPress 3.0 Menus.
  • Mult-Level Dropdown Menu.
  • 4 header Types(change the look of the header)
  • Social buttons to submit posts to Facebook, Twitter,
  • Stumble upon, Digg, Delicious, Google Plus & Pinterest
  • Easy to use theme options.
  • Sticky Top Menu
  • Optimized for Iphone, Ipad and Android Mobile Devices.
  • Option for image logo
  • Custom Background Color/ Image
  • Related Posts
  • Video Thumbnails
  • Gravatar Support.
  • 6 custom page template
  • Fancy lightbox
  • Easy Google Analytics Integration
  • IE6-7 Browser Upgrade Alert!
  • Separation of Comments and Trackbacks
  • Threaded comments support.
  • Valid XHTML/CSS3.
  • Well-written documentation
  • One Click Install. No plugin required.


  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

Version 2.0
Bug Fixes
1. theme Options page fix.
2. You can now add images, links in blocks and welcome text area.
3. Fixed Slider images border in Internet Explorer
4. Fixed Slider transition looked streched
5. Reduced thesize of other.js file for faster load time
6. Fixed the share_this.php typo which broke the google plus share
7. Fixed Related Posts bug.
8. Google Analytics option fixed
9. Blocks are now clickable in mobile.
10. Minor SEO Updates- h1 tag used in post titles.


New Features
1. The theme is now fully Responsive.
1. Contact form email is now choosable from theme options page.
2. Added More social badges (vimeo, instagram, tumblr)
3. New Home page layout template.


version 1.4
+ Fixed the mobile menu
+ Fixed the contact page displaying content twice.

version 1.3

+ Initial Release

1. How do I setup the slider?
A: Go to Appearance> Theron Options> Documentation to learn how to setup the slider.

2. My slider and blocks are not showing up. why?
A: Go to Settings> Reading and select “Your latest posts” as your front page.

3. How do I change the number posts appear on the fron page?
A: Go to Settings> Reading to change the number of posts per page.

4. How can I remove the comment box from my website?
A: open up single.php, page.php and page-full_width.php and remove this:

<div><?php comments_template(”,true); ?></div>

5. How to change the order of the sildes at the front page?

A: Try editing the dates of the slides. The slide with latest date is displayed first.


6. The social links on the left redirects to 404 error page. why?

A: You forgot to add your http:// at the start of your links. eg:
7. What should be the size of slider images?

A: width- 1000px & Height- 400px


8. When a message is sent from the contact page Where do the emails go to? How do I change the email address?
A: The emails go to your wordpress admin email address. And you cannot change the contact page’s degfault email address. Try a wordpress contact form plugin if you want those emails to go to another email address.


9. In Interent Explorer the slider appears with a gray border. how to fix that?
A: Add this to the very bottom of your stylesheet:

#slider li img{border:none!important;}


10. How do I delete the category names that appear on the post blocks on the home page?
A: Add this to your stylesheet:



11. How do I increase the height of the front page blocks?

A: Add this to your stylesheet:

.midrow_block, .mid_block_content{height:215px!important;}


12. How can I Remove Author, Post and Category-related Text from posts?

A: Open up single.php and replace this line:
<div><a><?php the_time( get_option(‘date_format’) ); ?></a><?php if(of_get_option(‘dissauth_checkbox’) == “0”){ ?> <a><?php the_author(); ?></a><?php } ?>
<?php edit_post_link(); ?>

<div><?php edit_post_link(); ?></div>
13. How do I add images to my blocks?
A: Lets say you want to add an image to block 4. Open up index.php and add this line:

<img src=”your image url” />

after this:

<?php echo of_get_option(‘block4_textarea’); ?>


14. I added 3 -4 slides but my slider is showing 10+ blank slides.
A: The sharing feature of Jetpack plugin is causing this. to fix this, add this to your functions.php:

if ( function_exists( ‘sharing_display’ ) ) remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘sharing_display’, 19 );

Before this:

//Load Mobile CSS


The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • Hi,

    Great theme! Quick questions… I have the front page setup to show 8 recent blog posts, and after that you would have to select another page below. When I click on the next page button or the number 2, I get a 404 error saying it cant find the page. The url at the bottom of Firefox reads “” as the second blog post page…

    Any help would be great. I love the theme and will be purchasing the pro version this next week!

    • I have the same problem. Did you ever get a response?

  • I was told via your website upon payment that I had to wait 6 hours for my download? That was yesterday 6/28/13… I am still waiting for my working download links of three pro templates I purchased. Please assist me with my purchase.

    • The themes were sent to your email 11 hours ago. Please check your spam folder too.

    • Received an instant email from Towfiq and they sent me the files immediately. Great customer service! Thank you!

  • I just installed Theron Pro (which I have paid for and used on other sites) on this new domain. Yet, the upload button (to upload my own logo) in the theme options isn’t working. In general the interface looks different than it does on my other sites. Help!

    • There’s an easy fix.

      via ftp navigate to theron/admin/js and open up options-custom.js file and replace this line:

      $(‘#section-blocks_checkbox, #section-block1_text, #section-block1_textarea, #section-block2_text, #section-block2_text, #section-block2_textarea, #section-block3_text, #section-block3_textarea, #section-block4_text, #section-block4_textarea, #section-block1_link, #section-block2_link, , #section-block3_link, , #section-block4_link’).wrapAll(‘



      $(‘#section-blocks_checkbox, #section-block1_text, #section-block1_textarea, #section-block2_text, #section-block2_text, #section-block2_textarea, #section-block3_text, #section-block3_textarea, #section-block4_text, #section-block4_textarea, #section-block1_link, #section-block2_link, #section-block3_link, #section-block4_link’).wrapAll(‘


      and the go to your theron theme options page and press ctrl+f5 multiple times to see the change.

  • Hi, I’m a rookie at this website building thing and I just bought Theron PRO. Will it be step by step how to update this version to my website?

    • just sent the theme. Check your email.

    • Thanks ! But my question was How do I upload it to wordpress?

    • it says the file is too large…

    • your php max_upload_size is limited. ask your host to increase it or upload the theme via ftp:

  • theme has in Portuguese brazil,

    • sorry. can you elaborate?

  • what is the full background size?

    • the ideal size of a full background image should be:
      1600px x 1200px

  • Hi,

    I have had your Pro Theme a while now. I have had a few problems of some of the images not showing up in the posts. And in the preview image of the home page they are looking blurred because of this I am changing them to a different format.

    I saved images as a Tiff, PNG and Jpeg. Sometimes Jpeg and PNG seem to work and other times it doesn’t. It just doesn’t want to show up on a live post. Could you possibly explain what the issue could be and how to resolve this please?

    • add this to your functions.php:

      add_filter(‘jpeg_quality’, function($arg){return 100;});

  • FIRST I’d like to thank you for your quick responses and accurate answers!! 🙂 I have two questions how do I make the tagline font bigger under site title and title tagline (((The title changes under Theron theme options—Style—font size–logo font size)))?
    How do I upload a video to my post (or any where) from my computer? Thanks

    • please contact me through the contact page.

  • Hi,

    for some while now, a portion of my site looks strange, and I can’t say why. I have an calendar, that has been ok, an now looks really ugly. I don’t know if there’s an update to the theme (where should I check?), and I don’t know if it’s the theme or
    This is the ugly part (note the “Share this” Links):

    • the share this links are added by a plugin, not by the theme.
      and the share this links look fine too.

  • how can i recive this theme?

    • what do you mean? did you buy the theme?

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