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Primary Menu and Customize (Appearance)

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    Jung Sinn

    Hello Mr. Towfiq.I.,

    I have been using your theme “Theron” and having a small problem with Primary Menu in the Customize section.

    1. I would like to NOT having any Menu on the Primary Navigation.
    2. And thus, I choose “-Select-” instead of a menu created in the Menus section.
    3. However, it shows all of the pages posted in the Primary Navigation.
    4. So, I created a menu without inserting any menu in the Menu Structure and chose it as the Primary Navigation.
    5. This allows me to NOT having any Menu on the Primary Navigation from the view of computer.
    6. Yet still, from the view of mobiles, it shows “MENU.”

    Is it possible to solve this problem?

    Best regards,
    Jung Sinn
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