EpioneFree WordPress Theme

Epione is a wordpress theme with 5 gorgeous skins.The name “Epione” derived from greek goddess of the soothing of pain.
  • Fantabulous Typographic Theme.
  • Unique Homepage With Slider.
  • 5 fantastic skins.
  • Popular posts widget.
  • WordPress 3.0 Menu.
  • Mult-Level Dropdown Menu.
  • Custom login Page.
  • Social buttons to submit posts to Facebook, Twitter,
  • Stumble upon, Digg, Google Buzz!
  • Awesome font.
  • Easy to use theme options.
  • Gravatar Support.
  • Threaded comments support.
  • Valid XHTML/CSS3.
  • No hidden, paid or sponsored links in the theme.
  • One Click Install. No plugin required.


  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 5
  • Opera 9+
  • Netscape 6+

+ Added WordPress “Featured image” option available for post thumbnails and the slider.
+ Added wordpress 3.0 Menu feature


Initial Release

1. How Do I add content to the slider?

A: Go to Appearance> Epione Options> Slider and select a category for the slider.
The slider will show the latest posts from that category.
2. How-To change the slider speed:

A: You have to open up “other.js” file from your epione/js theme folder and find:

pause: 2000,

To change the speed you have to change this value to your desired need. The default is 2000 milliseconds. If you want to slow the slider down you have to increase this value and save the file.

Note: If you dont know how to open the other.js file via FTP. Use this plugin:


3. The slider stopped sliding, how to fix that?

A: Its probably a plugin conflict. Disable all the plugins one by one and find out which one is causing this.


4. Whats the right dimension for the slider images?

A: 450px x 230px

The theme is released under GNU General Public License, version 2.

  • Me again…I am also having trouble with my home page. It seems to be the same as my “blog” page for posts!?! Or maybe it’s the blog page that’s incorrect!?

    Also, I would like to have featured images ONLY (no text) in my homepage slider…is that possible?


    • open up page.php and remove this:

    • Thanks. Great template and great support!

  • Sorry, help me. I search the function for the Slider Images. My Blog shows not slider images.
    Thanks für this Free-Theme. 🙂

    • whats your site address?

  • This is my Website address. My WordPress Vision is 3.5.1

    • you are not using the Epione theme.

    • Sorry, I’ve tested a theme for a friend on my WP-Vision.
      Theme Epione is online. 🙂

    • Add “featured image” to your slider.

    • Thank you 🙂

  • I have two problems.
    1) does not work in social mouse over links in the header

    2) where is set for the social icons link open them in a new tab.

    sorry to bother you, thank you very much

    • whats your site address Martin?

    • this site is not uploaded yet. l´m setting in localhost

      how can i to configure the code of social links to redirect on new tab?

      social icons dont work on mouse over (not even in the original template)

      thank you for your answer

    • open up header.php and replace this:

      with this:

    • Thank you for your answer.

      i Have a question more.
      can operate slider without post ?

      only with image or text and image. (No posts)

    • sorry, thats not possible.

    • no problem …

      can have the text of the slider the qualities css from post?

      for example this text:

      Nombre completo: Mateo Zombori
      Rol en la banda: Percución
      Equipo favorito: Estudiantes de La Plata
      Estudia: Ingenieria
      Hobby: Jugar al fútbol

    • whit and

    • no. sorry.

  • Hi. I have a problem on my website…. http://radikal.pe

    I added an image link in a text widget and now the bottom of the issue and its surroundings also have a link. What could be the solution?

    • what code did you add in your text widget?

    • it should be

  • heyhey

    i have a little problem with my website and your (great!!) Theme….

    since i updated today to WordPress 3.6.1 the theme is not really working anymore… 🙁
    Do you know how i can fix that? http://ente.antispe.org/

  • ok…please forget my last comment….everything is working fine and it was my fault -.-

    thank you for your work!!

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